Ch Stubbylee Jazz Diva JW



Born 11th January 2007

Randas Jazz After Dark at Stubbylee x Arinsky Raite Razluka at Stubbylee

Gained her title at just 28 months old having won her first C C at only 14 months with BOB & Group 4


At 10 weeks already starting to show her movement


“This bitch has grace, balance and elegance, standing and moving”

“scored overall on her fantastic movement, with reach and drive yet retaining complete elegance and grace when in motion”

“This bitch left me speechless. She has that special something that puts her a step ahead of the opposition”

“Outstanding from any angle”



RBIS Blackpool 2009 Mr R Searle

Group 1 Blackpool 2009 Mr K Sinclair

Group 1 Driffield 2009 Mrs J Blandford

Group 2 Manchester 2012 Mr D Quinney

Group 4 Boston 2012 Ms D Spavin

Group 4 Birmingham 2009 Mr N Newton

Group 4 HAS 2008 Mr D MacMillan

Eukanuba Champion Stakes Finalist 2010

DW / Arden Grange Top Borzoi 2009 & Runner up Top Hound

Top Puppy 2007

Puppy Group 2 Belfast Ch show 2007 Mr G Corish

Puppy Group 4 Darlington 2007 Mr B Cadogen

20 CC’s 11 with BOB 6 RCC’s

CC Hound Association Scotland 2014 Mrs D Martin

CC Bath 2013 Mrs S Rawlings

CC SWKA 2012 Mrs S Marshall

CC & BOB Southern Counties 2012 Mr M Caple

CC & BOB Manchester 2012 Dr R James

CC & BOB WKC 2011 Mr G Robertson

CC & BOB SKC May 2011 Ms D Spavin

CC & BOB Manchester 2011 Mrs E Bothwel

CC & BOB Manchester 2010 Mr P Singleton

CC SKC 2010 Mr F Kane

CC & BOB Birmingham National 2009 Mr R Searle

CC SKC 2009 Mr M Cocozza

CC Bath 2009 Mr N Bryce Smith

CC Leeds 2009 Mr C Thornton

CC Houndshow 2009 Mrs C Spencer

CC SKC 2009 Mrs J Lanning

CC & BOB Richmond 2009 Mrs J Peak

CC & BOB Driffield 2009 Mr G Hill

CC & BOB SWKA 2009 Mrs P Wild

CC & BOB HAS 2008 Judge Mrs A Randall

RCC LKA 2012 Mrs M Masterman

RCC Windsor 2012 Mrs A Hill

RCC Driffield 2011 Mr J Robson

RCC City of Birmingham 2011 Mrs D Martin

RCC HAS 2010 Mr R Spencer

RCC SKC (August) 2010 Ms A Gayford

BPIB Crufts 2008

RBIS Cheshire County 2009

RBIS NBA Open Show 2008

6 BPIB at Championship shows 2007


Group 1 Driffield 2009

RBIS Blackpool 2009


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