Ch Metel Avgusta Ala Azul at Stubbylee  JW

Sire - Perm Valikaya Blesk  Dam - Fantastic Fortuna Polot

9 CCs, 6 BOB, 3 RCC

Top Puppy Bitch 2019

BPIB South Wales KA

BPIB Driffield Ch Show

BPIB Darlington Ch Show


BPIB Leeds Ch Show

Puppy G2 Preston & District Canine

Monye Darlington


CC & BOB LKA 2022 Judge Mrs  Fran Mitchell

CC Borzoi Club 2022 Judge Mrs A Baker

CC Richmond Ch Show 2022 Judge Mrs  A Hill

CC & BOB Driffield Ch Show 2022 Judge Mr J T Jepson

CC & BOB Hound Association of Scotland 2022 Judge Mr Edward McKenzie

CC & BOB Manchester Ch Show 2022  Judge Mrs Pam Wild

CC & BIS The Borzoi Club 2021 Judge Mrs Pam Marston Pollock

CC & BOB Bath 2021 Judge Mr Neil Straw

CC Paignton 2021 Judge Mrs Anthea Eardley

RCC SKC (October) 2022 Judge Mr B  Reynolds Frost

RCC SKC (May) 2022 Judge Ms  D Spavin

RCC Hound  Association of Scotland 2021 Judge Mr Graham Hill

January 2020 gains her Junior Warrant & Stud Book number

Crufts  2020 1st Junior


Monya bis

Best in Show The Borzoi Club Ch Show September 2021

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