Steppdance Pintel at Stubbyle

Lynx Black Sky x Kazar Volgae

2 CC  7 RCCs



CC & BOB Hound Show 2023 Judge Mrs L Tyler-Jackson

CC City of Birmingham Ch Show 2022 Judge Mrs G Grist


RCC Leeds Ch Show  Mrs V Phillips

RCC Southern Counties 2023 - Mrs C Spencer

RCC Bath Ch Show 2023 - Mr B Rimell

RCC Hound Association of Scotland 2023 - Mrs L Hewson

RCC Blackpool Ch Show 2022 Judge Mr M Cocoza

 RCC Hound Association of Scotland 2022 - Mr  E McKenzie

RCC Hound Show 2021 - Mrs L Worthy


BIS South Yorkshire Premier Open Show 2023  - Mrs L Tyler Jackson

BIS Borzoi Club Open March 2023 - Judge Mrs E Bogart

Hound Group 1 Lichfield Premier Show 2023

Hound Group 2 Colne & Nelson Premier Show  2023

BPIS Borzoi Club Open 2017

RBPIS Preston & District Canine 2017


Pintel LKA

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Borzoi Club 2022


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